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I think I can

2015-11-13 22:45:17 by knex

I am going to bring the beloved Series back! I know that this must be alot to take in, but hold on. This gets better I plan on getting an episode out by the end of next year. Woot!

OMJ News

2013-01-16 20:02:02 by knex

Yes I know no one reads this :(... But still OMJ May or may not come out... i am just sooooooo lazy and tired i have a great idea for it but animating just takes too long out of my day and not to mention a horrible artist so sry to say to those that actually liked this (maybe 2 out of 1000000) that there won't be another OMJ episode.

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2012-05-09 15:32:20 by knex

Ok don't know if anyone even reads this stuff but i am making a new old man Jenkins episode. anywhere between 1-3 months

GoodBye OldManJenkins

2012-04-18 15:55:23 by knex

Well I can't do it I am not good enough at flash to complete my ideas for it maybe when I get better I will start it up again.

Up coming

2012-04-12 11:59:27 by knex

Characters Seen so far:
[X] OldManJenkins (Real name is Arnold Jenkins)
[X] Al-Ha-Kim
[X] Milford Mayhem
[] Chong Wong
[] Raj-Macwhom
[] John Johnson
[] Bob Henderson

More Characters will be added eventually but for now expect to see these in up coming animations. :)

Next episode Is OldManJenkins Vs. Milford Mayhem in Checkers


2012-04-09 22:04:35 by knex

I really want to make a complete series of this guy... My first flash was pretty good in my opinion. Well I am working on a new flash animation called Old Man Jenkins playing Checkers With Milford Mayhem. It's gonna be good...